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About Us

Who are EA Inclusion?

We are a recognised thought leader in cultural change, diversity, and inclusion. With over 30 years of experience, we work with organisations across the globe to harness the power of diversity and support them in recognising the positive impact change can bring to their cultures.

As innovators and pioneers in the field, our work stands out. Educational events and media engagement solidify this position at the forefront of driving change, fostering inclusive environments primed for success and innovation.

Join us at EA Inclusion as we empower change and embrace diversity.

About Us

Mission Statement

We support organisations around the world to enhance performance through people and culture.
Our Values

The Way we go about our work


We trust each other to do what we say we will and are a trusted partner to our customers.


We aim to operate ethically to achieve a balance in all that we do.


We are entrepreneurial, we are risk takers, thought leaders who challenge norms and break glass ceilings.


We are proud to have fun, proud to be authentic, proud to be inclusive and proud to be passionate.
About Us

Meet the Founders

Dawn Hurst

EA Inclusion Founder

Dawn, a multi-award-winning creator of Inclusion, Diversity, and Behavioural models, has empowered over 4,000 brands in 35 countries with practical strategies, yielding an impressive 19x return on investment. Recognised as an 'Inspirational Inclusive Leader', she champions inclusion passionately, often drawing from her own diverse experiences.

She is an Entrepreneur of the Year, a renowned consultant, and a developer of the first ROI of Inclusion tool, offering measurable insights for impactful culture change strategies. With 25+ years across diverse sectors, Dawn is a sought-after global speaker, thought leader, and executive coach, making her a pivotal force in culture, inclusion, and leadership advisory.

Craig Richards

EA Inclusion Founder

Craig is a seasoned Diversity & Inclusion Master Practitioner with a passion for driving positive change. With a wealth of expertise in leadership, cultural design, and executive coaching, Craig has made significant contributions to the field. As a co-author of the global D&I Practitioner program, he plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of D&I leaders, shaping a more inclusive future.

With a reputation as a sought-after C-Suite advisor, transformational change practitioner, and crisis management expert, Craig's impact extends far and wide, spanning across continents to support individuals and organisations in removing barriers and fostering positive transformations.

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